Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where to Buy M-Drol 90 Caps by C.E.L.

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Product Description

M-drol by CEL can be used to achieve many different goals in the bodybuidling world. Its uses include gaining size, strength and mass or if one is looking to add lean muscle gains as well as increase their strength. M-drol has very low water retention so the gains that users see are generally dry and lean. The active ingredient in M-drol has a Q-ratio of 20 as a result its 350%+ as anabolic as methyl-test while only being approximatley 20% as androgenic. It is because of this m-drol does not aromatise to estrogen and it also inhibits 11b-hydroxylase. These two together creates a very dry look, less water retention, and very full mind blowing muscles. These are the reasons that m-drol is so popular and is so fast acting.